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Ladies! Listen!

KarenLadies! Listen! Yearly mammograms save lives! I am one of them! In December of 2013 I went in for my yearly mammogram and received a phone call at work the next day requesting I come back as they detected a mass in my left breast. At the second viewing it was confirmed a mass was present and on December 17, 2013 a biopsy was taken. A few days later my husband Bret and I were asked to come in for a consultation. I was in denial. Me! There was no history of breast cancer in our family! How did this happen?!
Our family Christmas that year took on a different feel. I just wanted the tumor to be gone and out of my body. But surgery was not scheduled until January 8, 2014. I was a little frantic as we had already purchased tickets to London, England for our daughter Katie’s wedding in March of 2014.
After surgery in January there were 3 weeks of recovery before I could start radiation. I took one week off of work and went back into designing at the shop to keep my mind off of the upcoming treatments and the wedding. The doctors were very supportive of my situation and agreed to start radiation each day starting the 1st of February and be done by the end of the month giving me a few weeks to recover before leaving for England on March 18th. The last week of radiation was the most intense and left my strength and energy level zapped. I truly feared I would not make it to Katie’s wedding.With much support and prayers of many friends, co-workers and family, God enabled my strength to come back the weekend before I left for England.
After the wedding and many check-ups later, I am still a breast cancer patient. I will be taking hormone treatments for 5 years and will hopefully be cancer free! Ladies! Early detection does save lives!

-Karen, Floral Designer at JP Parker Flowers