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The Do’s and Don’ts of Drying

The art of flower drying, a practice in floral preservation as old as some of our ancient history. Egyptian tombs have been found with brightly colored, vivid flowers in great condition. But what does that really mean to us in modern day? How can we preserve our flowers and repurpose them once they’ve lost their freshness without too much hassle?


Luckily at the JP Parker Flower Farm we have those answers! Pam and our designers have mastered the art of drying and have the tips and tricks you need to do it yourself. What dries well and what doesn’t, best “at-home” methods for preservation, and a rundown on awesome Indiana local flowers available for drying will all be covered in this blog today. So let’s get into it!


First things first, there’s a great rule of thumb to keep in mind with all of your floral drying projects. Drying means your flowers will alter look and color most of the time, as long as you’re flexible with that outcome you can dry almost anything with success! Which basically means if you understand how your dried product is going to turn out you can repurpose it towards something unexpected. For example, black-eyed susan is a flower that will lose its petals in the drying process, but underneath those petals is a very unique “spikey” ball shape that can create a terrific accent piece for an arrangement. So don’t get frustrated if your flowers don’t dry the way you expected, there’s a dried flower out there for everyone.


Most drying methods are super accessible. The most obvious and commonly practiced is hanging. This technique just requires you to hang your flowers upside-down in a well-ventilated area away from water. The only real enemy to the process is mold. If you find some on flowers you’ve kept in a vase for too long just remove spots with an alcohol wipe or hang in an extremely sunny spot for the day to dry out any potential mold. If you don’t have a lot of space, even a car dashboard can be a fantastic spot to quickly dry out your flowers without harm.

The classic flowers that will never let you down on the drying process include:

  • cockscomb
  • babies breath and limonium can be dried in an empty vase on your dinner table with ease
  • most types of thistle
  • wreaths are fantastic for drying
  • billy balls
  • seeded/berry eucalyptus












Some of the tougher stuff (but still possible)

  • lilies can be tricky because they usually lose their petals
  • peonies are a great popular Indiana flower but are very difficult to dry
  • dahlias unfortunately do not dry well at all


Let’s wrap it up by covering a few of Indiana’s floral drying treasures. Sedum is a great native plant with excellent drying qualities that can be found in the wild. Amaranth is another fantastic drying plant that grows well in the Hoosier state and has a variety of colors. The cattail is a classic Indiana plant found around our lakes, but also possible to dry. Just be careful with handling the cattail so it doesn’t explode into fluff! For those looking to dry wreaths for the holiday season, try swapping out evergreens with magnolia leaves, eucalyptus, or ruscus. Evergreens are unfortunately bad for drying. 


Good luck to all the flower lovers and growers out there. Hopefully you find time to dry some of our JP Parker flowers soon! Stop by and feel free to ask any of our designers for more helpful hints on flower preservation and drying. Thanks for reading!


Sunflower Season is in Action!

Here we are. The dog days of Indiana have arrived. Dropped right in the mid-summer heat with no sign of relief any time soon. But in the flower business we like to say, when life gives you sun, you make sunflowers! So today we are showing off some of JP Parker’s beautiful 2018 farm-raised sunflowers from the early stages, to the present day product you can find in our shop.

In the early process of growing sunflowers its important establish irregular, but deep watering schedule to encourage the plants to develop deep roots. The picture below is a great example of the claw-like formation that is a sure sign the sunflowers will be ready to bloom within the week or as soon as the next day.












Once harvested, sunflowers have a strong shelf life of about a week and a half to 2 weeks. These big beautiful flowers were harvested today and will be available immediately! Feel free to stop by our two retail locations in Franklin and Downtown Indy to pick up these seasonal giants.













If you want to hear more about the farm and harvesting process tune-in to Indy Style next Tuesday, July 3rd on WISH-TV. Pam Parker, the mind behind the whole operation, will be getting into the weeds on how the JP Parker farm has ran successfully for the past 30 years. Have a wonderful summer of sun and from the JP Parker crew!


JP and the Ginormous Week

JP Parker locally owned award-winning flower company, dedicated to serving the Indianapolis and Franklin communities.


Meeting Professionals International known as MPI, the largest meeting and event industry association in the world, responsible for training thousands of small business owners, event planners, and meeting gurus of all sort.


The two worlds came together to create a magical atmosphere for the visitors of the national conference held in our very own Indianapolis this weekend. JP Parker was proud to provide table centerpieces and a variety of assortments for 3 different events put on by the MPI with a plenty of colorful themes and expressions. We hope to continue the relationship in the future and look forward to more exciting opportunities this summer!


Flowers In Flight

The team at JP Parker is proud to be a part of a historical weekend this summer! Indianapolis Airport kicked off the commencement of the state’s first year-round nonstop transatlantic airline partnership with Delta. The Paris to Indy flight plans will bring an estimated 50 million dollar economic impact to the Indy area annually. The airline celebrated with Mayor Joe Hogsett, Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch along with Deputy Consul General of France in Chicago Frederic Chole and President of the French-American Chamber of Commerce Juan-Luis Goujon in the send-off ceremony.


Our mission was to come up with a beautiful, French-inspired, send-off for the gate at the ceremony. We landed on some lovely, radiant red begonia pots paired with lots of lush shrubs and various greens to bring the strip altogether. It was a win for the team at JP and a win for the city of Indianapolis! We say, “Bon Voyage” Indy travelers and “Bienvenue” French travelers to our wonderful city.


SHOP SMALL SATURDAY, November 25, 2017

Support Shop Small by stopping by JP Parker Flowers in Historic Downtown Franklin or our Indianapolis store (located across the street from Shapiro’s Deli off McCarty Street).  

We will be offering unique gifts that keep on giving all year long.  Custom Floral arrangements can be ordered for that special someone, or as corporate gifts, for any time of year.  

Give a floral bouquet or arrangement every week for a month, one a month for 3 months, or all 12 months of the year, delivered to their door!  Simply give us a call or stop by one of our shops and ask us how!  It is the perfect holiday gift of gratitude to brighten up someone’s day, especially through the dreary months of January and February when most of us anticipate the arrival of spring.

Holiday Gift Packages available starting at $50 and up.  Get in the holiday spirit with JP Parker Flowers.  Voted Best Florists on Indy A-list.

Shop Small Saturday

Happy Holidays




Pamela Parker – 2017 Winner of the Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman Award

Small Town Floral Designer Wins Big City Award

Franklin, Indiana. From a flower-loving farm girl, Pam Parker grew into a strong, business-savvy floral designer with big visions for her blooms. Now in her 30th year as the owner of JP Parker Flowers, Parker recently won the 2017 Annual Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman Award.

“At first, I didn’t even hear my name,” Parker said of the event, which took place at Meridian Hills Country Club in Indianapolis. “I was sitting there, thinking about my employees and all the places they were working that day. I was truly shocked that I won. I am so honored.”

Founded by Marti Starkey, the award highlights Hoosier women who start and operate their own successful business ventures. In the mid-1980s, Parker’s story began.       

She established her company based at her family farm. The first brick and mortar store was based in Franklin.                                

Immediately, she made a much bigger name for herself when she was hired to provide Christmas décor at Union Station.

Since those beginning years, Parker has added a second shop downtown Indianapolis. She has provided floral design for the NFL during 2012 Super Bowl. Locally her company services many hotels, restaurants, and major events.

Pam Parker Tucker Farm

Those opportunities are important to her. However, longtime local customers, many of whom she has known for years, still mean the most, Parker said.

 At home on the family farm, acres of peonies bloom every spring. By fall, rows and rows of sunflowers are ready for harvest.

Beautifully preserved, the family barn is now the icon of Indiana agriculture. Hosting farm to table events plus what Parker calls field to vase gatherings.

“Most of the time, flowers, families and friends go together,” Parker said. “At least in my world they do. Dirt under my fingernails goes with all of that, too.”          

Writer: Sherri Coner


Pam Parker, owner of JP Parker Flowers, llc


801 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis IN 46225    317 624-0500

377 E. Jefferson St., Franklin IN 36131          317 738-9837

940 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis IN 46225   317-624-0500     



Photo as listed in News Entry of Harrison Moberly, llp Attorneys June 12, 2017.

Fall is Here 2017

As our 2017 Summer Season comes to a close, we want to share our appreciation for all our Field to Vase workers that helped us on the farm this Summer.  Especially our Lead Flower Farmer Larry.  He dedicates himself and his workers to providing the most beautiful JP Parker Sunflowers, Zinnias, Coxcomb, Amaranthus and many other FIELD TO VASE Flowers from our farm.  We graciously kick off our 2017 Fall Season with gorgeous pumpkins from our JP Parker Farm.

Prom Prep 101

Styles change with the times.  This applies not only to prom dresses but also to prom accessories, and the most important accessories are the flowers!   Girls, it’s 2016!  We know it’s traditionally the responsibility of your date to pick up the flowers, but we know you want the flowers to match your dress and it’s even better if your flowers coincide with your date as well.  Don’t worry…we are here to help!  Corsage wristlest or armband, flower crown or hair flowers?  We have the 101 on the styles that will work with your attire and a boutonniere for him to match.  Mark your calendars for our Prom Prep Open House at our Franklin store on Saturday April 16th from 10am to 1pm.  Bring a picture or fabric swatch of your dress and our team of designers will work with you to pick out flowers, ribbon and bling!  We can deliver the flowers to your school or you can pick them up at our store.  Let us help you cross one more thing off of your prom to-do list!boutonnierre Bottom of Home Page y

Planning a Spring Wedding? Learn About Our Favorite Spring Bridal Flowers!

Spring brides have the option to use a variety of local seasonal flowers defined by bright, cheerful flowers in a vast array of perfect pinks, pretty purples and calming


Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring is the time for new beginnings, so what better time to get married and start your new life together? Flowering bulbs, such as tulips and hyacinths come into season. Peonies are available from late spring to early summer.  The JP Parker farm supplies our stores with hundreds of stems of gorgeous peonies in all colors; they are the favorite flower of many brides. Another popular spring wedding flower is the Hyacinth. The fragrant flowers of the Hyacinth come in shades of red, blue, white, orange, pink, violet, or yellow.

Many of the spring seasonal flowers are known for their fragrance, choose flowers with pretty fragrances that are not overpowering. Just a few stems of Oriental lilies can fill the air with a strong sweet perfume, so they are best used in larger ceremony locations. Stephanotis, freesia, stock, tuberoses, sweet peas and English Garden Roses bring the outdoors in and are truly a pleasure for the senses. They have a light sweet fragrance and are perfect for mother-of-the-bride and groom corsages and bridal bouquets.

Spring seasonal flowers are the most economical for weddings held in March, April and May. You can mix the local seasonal flowers with flowers that are available all year round, such as roses, lilies, gerbera daisies, orchids, anthuriums, and other tropical flowers.

List of Flowers Available in Spring…(most of which are native to Indiana!)

Apple or cherry blossoms, Daffodils, Dogwoods, Forsythia branches, Hyacinths, Hydrangeas, Iris, Larkspur, Lilacs, Lilies, Lily of the valley, Lisianthus, Mini Calla Lily, Pansies, Peonies, Roses, Sweet peas, Tulips…below are some great closeups of some of our favorite spring blooms (many are available year round upon request)!


delphinium Delphinium
iris Iris
tweedia Tweedia
cybidium orchid Cybidium Orchid
pink gerbera Pink Gerbera
peony Peony
pink ranunculus Pink Ranunculus
pink rose Pink Rose
sweet pea Sweet Pea
anemone Anemone
calla lily Calla Lily
hyacinth Hyacinth
purple hydrangea Hydrangea
lilac Lilac
lisianthus Lisianthus
purple tulip Purple Tulip

Filler stems round out a bouquet and come in a variety of exciting colors. Stems that are available year-round include:

queen anne's laceQueen Anne’s Lace
montecasino asterMontecasino Aster
statice sinuataStatice Sinuata
**Blog Courtesy of Teleflora**