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How to Freshen Your Home for Spring with Live Plants

It’s January, and most of us are doing it- looking at our bare empty houses left in the wake of putting away all those Christmas decorations. The warm and cozy feeling of Christmas is gone and winter seems to be here to stay and we could all use some spring (at least) in our homes. Check out the images below to see how we used various plants to bring life into the home!

       Look how adding this Peace Lilly into the Corner adds SO MUCH to the space. Peace Lilly’s love the warm environments as they are a tropical plant, so a 60-70 degree  and up space is preferred. They also love lots of indirect light- an east facing window is best as they will receive lots of morning light without the intensity of mid day rays.

                                                                                                             BEFORE                                                                              AFTER



We love succulents! They love sunshine and require very little upkeep- they are perfect for the green thumb and not-so-green-thumbs. They require water once a week (sometimes less!). Check out this sweet before and after and see the difference this aloe plant makes on this shelf!


Mini Succulents next to the kitchen sink.



Succulents add another great element to your shelves and decor-they nice pop of color and texture and bring so much life to your home.



The Bonsai Tree is the perfect plant for a desk or even an end table. The Bonsai is a lover of light and water. It needs to be watered as soon as the soil starts to feel dry.


And last but not least! This Pony Palm is a super fun plant with lots of texture. We have it sitting on the mantle but it could go on a tabletop, desk, or even shelving. The Pony Palm is low maintenace, loves sunshine and mostly dry soil!