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Pamela Parker – 2017 Winner of the Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman Award

Small Town Floral Designer Wins Big City Award

Franklin, Indiana. From a flower-loving farm girl, Pam Parker grew into a strong, business-savvy floral designer with big visions for her blooms. Now in her 30th year as the owner of JP Parker Flowers, Parker recently won the 2017 Annual Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman Award.

“At first, I didn’t even hear my name,” Parker said of the event, which took place at Meridian Hills Country Club in Indianapolis. “I was sitting there, thinking about my employees and all the places they were working that day. I was truly shocked that I won. I am so honored.”

Founded by Marti Starkey, the award highlights Hoosier women who start and operate their own successful business ventures. In the mid-1980s, Parker’s story began.       

She established her company based at her family farm. The first brick and mortar store was based in Franklin.                                

Immediately, she made a much bigger name for herself when she was hired to provide Christmas décor at Union Station.

Since those beginning years, Parker has added a second shop downtown Indianapolis. She has provided floral design for the NFL during 2012 Super Bowl. Locally her company services many hotels, restaurants, and major events.

Pam Parker Tucker Farm

Those opportunities are important to her. However, longtime local customers, many of whom she has known for years, still mean the most, Parker said.

 At home on the family farm, acres of peonies bloom every spring. By fall, rows and rows of sunflowers are ready for harvest.

Beautifully preserved, the family barn is now the icon of Indiana agriculture. Hosting farm to table events plus what Parker calls field to vase gatherings.

“Most of the time, flowers, families and friends go together,” Parker said. “At least in my world they do. Dirt under my fingernails goes with all of that, too.”          

Writer: Sherri Coner


Pam Parker, owner of JP Parker Flowers, llc


801 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis IN 46225    317 624-0500

377 E. Jefferson St., Franklin IN 36131          317 738-9837

940 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis IN 46225   317-624-0500     



Photo as listed in News Entry of Harrison Moberly, llp Attorneys June 12, 2017.

Fall is Here 2017

As our 2017 Summer Season comes to a close, we want to share our appreciation for all our Field to Vase workers that helped us on the farm this Summer.  Especially our Lead Flower Farmer Larry.  He dedicates himself and his workers to providing the most beautiful JP Parker Sunflowers, Zinnias, Coxcomb, Amaranthus and many other FIELD TO VASE Flowers from our farm.  We graciously kick off our 2017 Fall Season with gorgeous pumpkins from our JP Parker Farm.


Designer Spotlight: Experienced in Excellence and European Style

Designer: Nancy
Favorite flower: my favorite flower is the one with the right curve to the stem, the perfect texture and color for the design!
Hometown: Indianapolis
Where were you trained?
Texas A&M-Designing for Excellence, Kiko’s Flowers and Gifts (Chicago)-European and Asian design, Certified FTD Master Designer, on the job training at a local florist in Indianapolis, IUPUI design class.
How long have you worked in the floral industry? 29 years
What is your favorite style to design in?
I enjoy all design styles. The fun of working in the flower shop is you never know which style will be required next!
What would you consider to be your speciality?
European Hand Tied bouquets became my joy when I worked in the Chicago area.
What are your favorite events to design for?
I enjoy variety, so I don’t have a favorite.
What is the most rewarding part of working in the floral industry?
Working with a wide spectrum of unique and beautiful flowers.
I have enjoyed the wide variety of opportunities and experiences I have had In the floral business. I have worked with so many talented people! I Think the best part has been that I enjoy going to work each day!
white flowers in a hand tied bouquet surrounded by green leaves

By Nancy

Red Rose bouquet with dangling crystal accents

by Nancy

An oriental style arrangement with birds of paradise, bamboo, red lilies, and palm greens

by Nancy


Designer Spotlight: Enchanting Arrangements and A Love of Love

Designer: Karen

Favorite Flower: I love so many flowers it’s hard to choose. Tulips, peonies, and ranunculus are some of my favorites.

Hometown: The North Woods of Minnesota

What did you do before working in the floral industry?

I have been in a variety of jobs before coming to JP Parker Flowers- I have mostly been in office and administration. I have worked in a tax office, been a bookkeeper and service manager for a hardware store, a customer service representative for a major utility company, and finally to JP Parker!

Where were you trained?

I was trained in the floral industry by the owner of JP Parker, Pam Parker. She is my mentor. She allowed me to tag along while she was teaching IUPUI floral classes and I absorbed all I could from her teaching.

How long have you been in the floral industry?

19 years- all with JP Parker!

What style do you typically design in?

I have a passion for working with the brides. So I love to do a variety of different styles-from the more traditional hand tied bouquets to the vivacious american garden style bouquets. I love to listen to what the brides ideas are and incorporate them into her unique one of a kind bouquet.

What would you consider to be your specialty?

Besides weddings, we also do quite a lot of event work for Franklin College and are so pleased to be a part of the new event center at the Sycamore at Mallow Run!

What are your favorite events to design for?

The President’s Dinner at Franklin College is a special event for us to be a part of! We also do large events for corporate clients in Indianapolis.

What would you consider to be the most rewarding part of working in the floral industry?

Every day is different! It comes with challenges, opportunities, like design techniques that are difficult and sometimes new. I love to see the flowers come into the store for weddings and events. It’s like opening Christmas presents!

Any closing statements?

Every one who comes into JP Parker Flowers is special to us and we are so pleased to design for the. Flowers will always be a part of this world and they will always have a special place in my heart for designing.



Designer Spotlight: Artistic Arrangements for Any Venue

Bridal Bouquets

Bridal Bouquets

Designer: Pam A.

Favorite Flower: Stock for its fragrance, roses for their color variety

Hometown: I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin but I have lived in Indiana for 28 years!

How long have you worked in the floral industry?

Twenty years now.

What did you do before you began in the floral industry?

          I have a degree in Fine Arts. After I graduated I moved back to Madison where jobs were scare. I finally found a job in an art gallery and did freelance drawing on the side. Once I was married we moved around for my husband’s job. I managed a woodworking gallery in Seattle, Washington, worked at the Graphic Arts Department at the University of Illinois, and then did freelance graphics.

          I stayed home with my girls for several years and missed the transition to computing graphics. I started back to work planting perennial gardens and decided to find something that didn’t involve lifting 50 lb bags of soil, etc. I found a job in a flower shop willing to train me in floral design. That was in 1996. Since then I have worked in two shops and one design center. I am currently working at JP Parker Events which concentrates on corporate event floral needs, party work, and weddings.

Where were you trained?

          I received on the job training, I have also taken a week long advanced design course. I try to continue my education through local design seminars and online research.

What style do you typically design in? 

          The thing I enjoy best is the variety of style. The current trend in weddings is a more garden, looser, organic design, which I enjoy very much. Event floral design varies from the simple, small contemporary look to large and showy. That is what keeps the job fresh and challenging.  Each new location presents its own influence on your design. The JW Marriott, for instance, many of their places lend to a more contemporary design. More of a garden style works well at the IMA with their beautiful grounds, Avon Wedding Gardens, or the Montag with its lake view. Canal 337, The Biltwell, or Dallara car factory with their more industrial looks let you be funky, creative, or traditional. Indianapolis and the surrounding cities are filled with a wonderful selection of venues.

What would you consider to be the most rewarding part of working in the floral industry?

          Working with the flowers, you never get tired of the flowers! Each flower is just a marvel that nature-sometimes with man’s help-has created.


Designer Spotlight: Unique Floral Designs Speak to the Soul

“I love working with flowers. I am in another world when I design. When I have finished a design, I realize what is inside of me. I can open my soul and let the flowers speak to me.”

Designer: Jasmine Farris

Favorite Flower: Tulips and Purple Stock

Hometown: Khon Kan, Thailand

Years in the Floral Industry: 10 all with J.P. Parker

Style: Unique and Artistic

Event Specialty: Anything Creative!

Even as a child growing up in Thailand I had a passion for flowers. I remember my grandmother’s wonderful garden and the beautiful flowers; especially the countless Jasmine flowers that she grew there. Every morning I would wake to the fragrance of the blooming Jasmine flowers and hurry outside to pick them and then make leis to wear around my neck and  on my head.

Many years passed, I started a career in Nursing ,but always found myself picking up all sorts of flowers and arranging them for myself and family. I even designed the flowers for my sisters wedding. Flower arranging was just in my soul.

My life changed when I met my husband and moved to the United States I needed to find something to occupy my time and I was thinking flowers. I found a beginning floral design class through Franklin College and intermediate floral class through IUPUI University, taught by Pam Parker. That started my new career as a floral designer, and I found my place at J.P. Parker Flowers

As a floral designer, I love to explore, experiment and develop ways of creating exciting designs in unusual ways to create that “wow” factor. I always try to find what my customers like-what they see in their heart, and to suggest things that make their arrangement more special and unique. My ultimate reward is to create that special arrangement that meets their expectations.


The Life Lessons of Flowers

Profound lessons in life surround us daily yet go unnoticed mostly because we are so busy.  Flowers create mindfulness byMagenta Dahlia catching our attention and we slow down for a minute to revel in the sheer beauty of something just because it brings us joy.  Flowers mesmerize us with a multitude of vivid colors, astounding shapes and tantalizing scents that can take us back in time to a memory.  Perhaps it is of a Grandmother’s Garden or the roses given to you by your first love….  Flowers demand from us a reaction, a feeling.  In today’s technology-focused life, we don’t do enough feeling, especially regarding an object that has nothing to offer us except it’s loveliness and its stimulation to our senses.

Change provides another analogy of flowers teaching us about life.   A flower begins in the dirt.   It has some nasty days of rain that are necessary for its nourishment and growth.   It perseveres by continuing to reach toward the sun, higher and higher.  It’s bud swells until it can no longer be contained and without regard for anything other than it’s need to bloom, it opens up to reveal itself to the world in all its unique glory!  The time a flower will last in bloom varies upon the variety, but in time, each will die.  It is a cycle.  They stand in their beauty for the small amount of time in which they can.  And then, they die, for either new buds to reach their full potential or for new flowers to be planted, and the cycle continues.

We are all human beings with the same end result, this life will end regardless of what you believe will happen afterwards.  So just like a flower blooms to reveal itself for adoration, we must do the same.   Open up to all of our possibilities.  We must know in our hearts that there is a purpose for the ‘rain’ in our lives.  In some way it is a part of the bigger picture and propels us to grow when once again the sun shines.  It has no concern for what the flower next to it does, it simply celebrates in its own attributes.  To live a meaningful and joyous life, channel the flower inside you.  Celebrate your color, your size, your scent, your awesomeness.  Relish in what is happening right now, for it will change eventually and the cycle of life will continue, so open up and bloom for all the world to enjoy!


Prom Prep 101

Styles change with the times.  This applies not only to prom dresses but also to prom accessories, and the most important accessories are the flowers!   Girls, it’s 2016!  We know it’s traditionally the responsibility of your date to pick up the flowers, but we know you want the flowers to match your dress and it’s even better if your flowers coincide with your date as well.  Don’t worry…we are here to help!  Corsage wristlest or armband, flower crown or hair flowers?  We have the 101 on the styles that will work with your attire and a boutonniere for him to match.  Mark your calendars for our Prom Prep Open House at our Franklin store on Saturday April 16th from 10am to 1pm.  Bring a picture or fabric swatch of your dress and our team of designers will work with you to pick out flowers, ribbon and bling!  We can deliver the flowers to your school or you can pick them up at our store.  Let us help you cross one more thing off of your prom to-do list!boutonnierre Bottom of Home Page y


Decoding the Rose

So you want to send a special someone roses whether it be for Valentine’s Day or to say “Thank You” or “I’d like to see this go somewhere”, but you’re not quite sure whether you should send pink, white, yellow, red, or purple!  There are so many colors to choose from, and we won’t even begin to get into the different species of roses.  Here we have decoded the meaning behind the colors of the most popular roses:

Red-The most obvious of all…the red rose stands for love…it’s sultry, bold and romantic.

Pink-You’re always safe sending pink roses if you’re in a new relationship.  It implies that love is just around the corner.  A delicate pink rose is a symbol of admiration.

White-A heavenly white rose is the perfect sentiment for a friend.  It also implies a new beginning, innocence and purity.   It is often used in tribute arrangements as well.

Yellow-Spunky, fun, happy are all words that come to mind when I see a yellow rose.  Use this color to tell someone how much you care about them, or miss them.  Yellow roses are sure to brighten anyone’s day!

Orange-This is an exciting, modern color and an orange rose can convey the unique admiration that you have for someone.  Orange is the new red!  If you want steer away from the traditional red rose, orange is a noteworthy option.

Lavender-My favorite meaning behind a lavender rose is…love at first sight….but for those of you who don’t believe in love at fir

Yellow rose tipped in red

st sight, this color also conveys longing, desire and passion!

A few more helpful hints:

*A white and red rose together represent unity

*If you get thirteen roses, this indicates you have a secret admirer!

*A yellow rose with red tips symbolizes falling in love.  Sigh…




Ladies! Listen!

KarenLadies! Listen! Yearly mammograms save lives! I am one of them! In December of 2013 I went in for my yearly mammogram and received a phone call at work the next day requesting I come back as they detected a mass in my left breast. At the second viewing it was confirmed a mass was present and on December 17, 2013 a biopsy was taken. A few days later my husband Bret and I were asked to come in for a consultation. I was in denial. Me! There was no history of breast cancer in our family! How did this happen?!
Our family Christmas that year took on a different feel. I just wanted the tumor to be gone and out of my body. But surgery was not scheduled until January 8, 2014. I was a little frantic as we had already purchased tickets to London, England for our daughter Katie’s wedding in March of 2014.
After surgery in January there were 3 weeks of recovery before I could start radiation. I took one week off of work and went back into designing at the shop to keep my mind off of the upcoming treatments and the wedding. The doctors were very supportive of my situation and agreed to start radiation each day starting the 1st of February and be done by the end of the month giving me a few weeks to recover before leaving for England on March 18th. The last week of radiation was the most intense and left my strength and energy level zapped. I truly feared I would not make it to Katie’s wedding.With much support and prayers of many friends, co-workers and family, God enabled my strength to come back the weekend before I left for England.
After the wedding and many check-ups later, I am still a breast cancer patient. I will be taking hormone treatments for 5 years and will hopefully be cancer free! Ladies! Early detection does save lives!

-Karen, Floral Designer at JP Parker Flowers