JP Parker Co Flowers | Indianapolis & Franklin Florist | ———————————— 2019: The Year of Vision ————————————
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———————————— 2019: The Year of Vision ————————————

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” LaoTzu

Image: Rachael E Photography

Every year, here at JP Parker, these words ring true and this year is no exception. We realize that exceptional quality and product doesn’t happen just over night but it takes pursuit of continuous growth, practice, and learning every single day. This past week and following into the new year the teams determination is reflected with the floral designers gathered together taking design courses, practicing new techniques, and focusing in on developing even more cutting edge methods to bring to the table in 2019.

Image: Jenny Sampson

The floral designers are not alone on their path to development. You’ll be able to find updates on our social media to keep you on the inside scoop of our current events, new floral arrangements, holiday and event specific designs, among so much more. Plus, every week you’ll be able to find new content in our blog; whether it’s on how to bring a warmer atmosphere to your business/store, what flowers and displays might be best for your event or ceremony, or maybe some ideas to help express yourself when words are hard to find. We love participation and want to hear topics you would like to have more information about so please don’t hesitate and contact us at
Also, this year you might notice changes to our current website. We are striving to provide a platform that brings even more of an enjoyable user experience and providing you with the best service whether you visit our stores in person or online.
Here are some of the visions and goals that we’re taking our steps towards on our journey and we would like to send encouragement for yours, as well! Welcome 2019!
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Image: Chasey Bardach