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Sunflower Season is in Action!

Here we are. The dog days of Indiana have arrived. Dropped right in the mid-summer heat with no sign of relief any time soon. But in the flower business we like to say, when life gives you sun, you make sunflowers! So today we are showing off some of JP Parker’s beautiful 2018 farm-raised sunflowers from the early stages, to the present day product you can find in our shop.

In the early process of growing sunflowers its important establish irregular, but deep watering schedule to encourage the plants to develop deep roots. The picture below is a great example of the claw-like formation that is a sure sign the sunflowers will be ready to bloom within the week or as soon as the next day.












Once harvested, sunflowers have a strong shelf life of about a week and a half to 2 weeks. These big beautiful flowers were harvested today and will be available immediately! Feel free to stop by our two retail locations in Franklin and Downtown Indy to pick up these seasonal giants.













If you want to hear more about the farm and harvesting process tune-in to Indy Style next Tuesday, July 3rd on WISH-TV. Pam Parker, the mind behind the whole operation, will be getting into the weeds on how the JP Parker farm has ran successfully for the past 30 years. Have a wonderful summer of sun and from the JP Parker crew!