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Prom Ideas and Trends 2019

Deciding what look to go for this year for you special day, whether it be your first or second time for a night of dancing, laughing, and having fun with people you care about. Here are some trendy looks we put together to help add some extra flavor and taste to your already beautiful dress and some ideas of what accessories to compliment your look.

Blue with a touch of yellow.
Vibrant blue, orange and a pop of red
Soft warm peach hues with a splash of green

Roses and Lace, Lace and Roses
Mixing Boho with the Garden
A Bit of Fantasy with Velvet, Succulents and Garden
Classic and Classy Ballroom Style

Jazzy Sleeveless Short Dress Touches
Elegance with Flare

We’d love to see your look for this years prom! Share the love by tagging #JPParkerProm to any of your social media posts! We’ll be looking for your smiling face and trendy floral style!

Special shout out and thanks to Chasey Bardach for the floral photos! Click her name to see more of her work!